All About Victoria Strauss

Victoria Strauss
Strauss is quite literally on dozens of websites all over the Internet. Blogs, Facebook, name it she's on it. She has broadcast all her personal information, including her location, for the world to see. She's the epitome of an exhibitionist troll, desperate to be noticed. "Look at me...look at me...I'm important." She has therefore, 'doxxed' (one of her favourite expressions) herself.

For those considering a class action lawsuit against Strauss for invasion of privacy, libel, and loss of income, an address to serve the summons is necessary. There is a Victoria M Strauss listed at 27 Cosby Avenue, Amherst, MA 01002. But there is an indication that her current address may be 103 Sunset Ave, Amherst, MA 01002-2019

As for the lawsuit that's pending against Strauss's buddy, Melodie S. Sherman, we're very close to getting an exact physical address for the horse farm. As soon as we have verifiable information, we'll post it.

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