Typical Sock Puppet Ruse By Strauss

This is typical Strauss/Absolute Write style. They post a message that's supposed to be from someone they dislike. That means, someone who stands up to them. In this instance Strauss is pretending she thinks it's a literary agent, who filed a defamation lawsuit against AW and others, some years ago. It's a pathetically transparent attempt to make their victims look bad.

Ridicule, contempt and a pile-on is standard practice with Strauss and her cohorts at AW. These self-appointed 'writers advocates' are far worse than any of the so-called scammers they attack. Even if this were legitimate, Strauss has no way of knowing who wrote it. Oops, I forgot. She may be using a spot of forensic analysis that she learned from her cohort, Liza Spangenburg. :-)


  1. This Spangenbag is a real loony tunes. Good for a laugh tho.

  2. This actually could be Barbara Bauer in this instance.